Slegg Brings New Life to Keating

Author: Ryan Windsor,
Citizen Journalist

While some retailers consider leaving the Keating area in search of greener pastures, Slegg Lumber owner Ron Slegg sees potential in the Keating Industrial Park. The decision to possibly relocate their Sidney store followed an anticipated approval by the Town of Sidney to develop their location into a 500 unit residential development.

Slegg made their presentation to the Town of Sidney at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on July 3.

The news of Slegg’s arrival has generated excitement from residents and business owners alike.  Ellis Acthem, majority owner of Keating Centre since 1977, states, “Slegg is a major player. It’ll be great, there will be all kinds of fresh traffic…it is an indication that this is the place to be.”

The family owned business began as a small hardware store in Sidney founded by Eric Slegg, and later became Slegg Lumber in 1947. Currently with eleven locations, the new Keating site will become their twelfth store.

Leasing the 28,000 square foot former Home Hardware building was a natural choice. Given its central location on the Saanich Peninsula, Slegg said it will cut down significantly on delivery times to some building sites.

The building on Keating has a long history as a building supply and hardware merchant. Originally operated by the Butler brothers beginning in the 1950s, the location was leased to Beaver Lumber in 1997 and was subsequently taken over by Home Hardware “who left due to franchisee issues” according to owner Brian Butler. He adds, “we are happy to have Slegg as the new tenant in this location.”

Vic Clive, owner of The Old Attic, believes that other businesses may receive a boost from the new store. “It’s a positive thing to see that life is coming back to the Keating area. It would be great if other people join the ranks.”

During the recent Central Saanich municipal election, the need to revive the Keating business park was supported by all the candidates.

Councillor Zeb King welcomes the new hardware store and believes that Slegg may encourage new business in the area. Central Saanich Councillor and Peninsula Co-Op Board Director Cathie Ounsted agrees. “It’s great to see Slegg moving into the Keating area, perhaps now the area can move forward on some of the necessary environmental remediation and revitalization.” says Ounsted.

The building is currently undergoing tenant improvements and may be open by the end of the year.

4 Responses to “Slegg Brings New Life to Keating”

  • biodiversity:

    Nice to see Ounstead’s support for Sleggs. Perhaps Coop should stay where they are and contribute to “remediation and revitalization”

  • Donald Bottrell:

    Welcome Slegg Lumber! It will be so nice to have a Lumber Yard and Hardware store in the community again. One step closer to revitalization of the Keating Business Corridor.

  • Karla Sofen:

    How will the revitalization go when the First Nations build a Costco, Wal-Mart, and a Home Depot right off the highway. Too bad Central Saanich fumbled the ball and lost the opportunity to have all of those built within the municipality’s boundaries? I like Slegg Lumber and go to the one in Sidney fairly regularly. Can you lack of foresightedness city planners get the Dish Cookhouse across the street from Slegg’s in Sidney to relocate here too?

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