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Who are we?

We are residents of the Saanich area who are wanting a source of news that covers local stories from a “citizen journalist” perspective. We are particularly interested in stories about smart growth in our region but are also interested in smart governance and human interest stories.

Our Mission:

We are devoted to being a news source for the communities of the Saanich area and to being a resource for local businesses that have an interest in a fiscal, social and environmentally responsible world. Our mandate is to cover local stories through interviews and investigative citizen journalism. We are committed to check sources, facts and make corrections to our reports when necessary.  Our mission will enhance citizen engagement and keep our region the precious jewel we love.  Our paper is a “sign post” for our “online” website.

Our Roots:

Saanich Voice Online is a registered and incorporated company. We recognize the need to tell more stories about our neighbourhoods. We hope you will contribute stories, ads, photos and more.


This publication would not be possible without the many volunteers that produce it monthly. Website design: Jamie Renney. Assistant Editors:  The writers.

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Sidney Street Market
Moodyville New
Original Fire Creative Studio
Getz & Burden
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Linden Singers May
Lifestyle Market
Keating Hi-Tech
Zeb King
Lana Popham
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