Slegg Lumber Opens 10th Location

Author: Ed Johnson
Citizen Journalist


With over 30 full and part-time employees on his team, Manager Jorge DeMedeiros presented a full service hardware store and lumber yard to appreciative customers, who were treated to coffee and doughnuts for the celebration.

In contrast to the previous years of vacancy, opening day the parking lot was full – and mostly with pickups – the working man’s (or woman’s) vehicle of choice in the construction trade.

As a former Rona employee for over six years, Jorge brings a wealth of experience in establishing new stores.   Starting with a small crew and working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, it took over three months to get this new Slegg location up and running.

We plan to have a grand opening in March when the weather gets a little more decent” Jorge says.

Tom Staebell, a well known employee from the Home Hardware days, was hired as were three other former employees from the Sidney location.  The rest of the staff was selected on the basis of work experience and are being trained for their specific tasks.

Slegg Lumber defines itself as “Vancouver Island’s Most Complete Building Supply Company” and with rows and rows of fully stocked inventory in this new location, it is not hard to believe.


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